Archaeological Consultancy and Desk-Based Assessments

We can provide advice for developments where archaeology needs to be considered. We work with developers to provide advice at the earliest possible stage and minimise archaeological risk. We can provide archaeologcial services both in the region in which we're based, South-west Wales and nationally.

Our experience includes the preparation of:

Archaeological Appraisals

Desk-based Assessments

Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Chapters for Environmental Statements

Archaeological mitigation strategies

Historic Landscape Characterisation



Archaeological Evaluation, Excavation and Watching Briefs

DAT Archaeological Services undertakes intrusive archaeological evaluation, including test pitting and trial trenching. We have considerable experience in undertaking small- to large-scale archaeological excavations either ahead of or during development programmes. We undertake watching briefs during small-scale development, such as single house plots, through to larger-scale and longer-term projects such as large residential developments, road schemes or pipelines.DAT Archaeological Services prepares reports on these projects providing the appropriate standard to address the client's need and to fulfil planning conditions placed upon development.


Geophysical and Topographic Survey

DAT Archaeological Services has the capacity to undertake both gradiometer and resistivity geophysical surveys. This non-intrusive archaeological prospecting technique can quickly provide invaluable archaeological information ahead of development. We have considerable experience in undertaking topographic surveys of earthworks and wider landscapes, including surveys of coastal fringes and upland areas.


Historic Buildings Survey

DAT Archaeological Services can provide:

Buildings Appraisals

Impact Assessments

Heritage Statements

Survey and Recording


Research and advice

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